EmberConf: Opening Keynote

EmberConf: Opening Keynote

In their opening keynote presentation, Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale recapped Ember.js's progress in the last year and their vision for the future. Here's my notes for their talk:

  • Ember has momentum on it's side.
  • The ember-cli story is strong.
  • With Ember.js, small companies can punch above their weight class.
  • In the annual Ember Community Survey, 76% of developers have an Ember 2.x app in production, while 36% have a 1.13 app.
  • Long Term Stable (LTS) release story:
    • Allows developers to update less frequently.
    • Bug fixes for 36 weeks.
    • Security fixes for 60 weeks.
    • Every 4th stable release will be LTS.
    • First LTS is 2.4.
  • New core subteams: data, cli, learning.
  • The future of the Ember.js story is reducing developer friction on the mobile web.
  • Apps using a "Install our app" interstitial experience a 69% bounce rate.
  • Let's move towards native experiences in the browser.
  • App Cache is in most browsers already and is reliable!
  • Ember FastBoot will go 1.0 when Ember 2.7 releases.
  • Glimmer 2 has 60 FPS smoke and mirrors performance with ES6 classes.
  • We can get there by optimizing the object model.
  • Lastly, the application payload will be smaller with the Glimmer 2 engine.

Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/tomdale/emberconf-2016-keynote
Links: https://github.com/poteto/emberconf-2016#opening-keynote-by-yehuda-katz-and-tom-dale

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