I’m a web developer, business leader, strategist, husband of Megan, and father of Acadia and Ryesen. Currently, and probably always, based in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Me, cold and wet at Skógafoss in May 2017.


Since I started my own web design and development company in 2007, I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from marketing sites to full-stack web applications. Here are a selection of projects I’ve been involved with over the years.

  • 12 Stars Media website on Craft CMS. Bespoke contact form to funnel leads to the correct team member for response.
  • Candidio marketing website as a custom Statamic 2 theme. Now redirects to Candidio application.
  • Candidio application using the EmberJS framework with a Laravel REST API. I built the front-end Javascript application while Tim Loyer built the API.
  • Grande Prairie Church of Christ website on WordPress. Lots of great custom features for this site and a load of fun to build.
  • Grande Prairie Jobs is a custom built job directory for the #gpab region. Currently on hiatus and may return in the future, if I can make the time.
  • Numerous WordPress-based marketing websites for local businesses such as Foster’s Covered Wagons, McGovern’s RV and Marine, Shepherd’s Fold Bookstore, Field, Field, and Field Architects, and the Alberta Municipal Government Symposium.

Tools I use

My current setup is a crazy fast 2017 15” MacBook Pro, which I carry with me everywhere in my Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15”, and use for work and life everywhere. Also always in my bag to capture life’s everyday moments is an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II with Panasonic 25mm and Olympus 40-150mm lenses.

I’m a big fan of GTD and use my Baron Fig notebook, Things 3, and Fantastical 2 to plan my days, weeks, and months.

This site is built with the VS Code and and hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet. Powered by Ghost.


Feel free to contact on twitter at @ToddSmithSalter or by email to todd@precisepixels.ca. I read and respond to every email I get.