Resumé of Todd Smith-Salter

What I’ve learned about web and business development is through personal experience, any by standing on the shoulders of experts who have come before me. My strengths lie in identifying areas for operational improvement and ensuring the client’s needs are identified and met to the best of our collective knowledge and wisdom.

I’ve found the simplest solution is often the best. This has led me to believe developing systems and processes just-in-time is the best way to sustainable growth. There’s no need to guess what might happen in the future, create what is needed now to best serve people, internal and external. Have long term business aims and ambitions but don’t let dogma dictate day-to-day.


Project Manager & Financial Coordinator, Refuge Builders – June 2018 to present

Leading the efforts the to implement client collaborative scheduling, communication, and financial reporting, and stabilizing business processes.

VP of Product Strategy, then Chief Experience Officer, 12 Stars Media – Sept. 2014 to June 2018

Designed and developed various external facing websites and a web application to shepherd clients through a collaborative video production process with 12 Stars Media video editors. Implemented usability testing processes, iterating upon and improving website structure and content. Interviewed clients and implemented processes improving customer engagement and experience.

Web Developer, Centerdrive Graphic and Web – Aug. 2007 to Sept. 2014

Designed and developed websites and marketing material to meet the business and communication needs for businesses of all sizes.

Operations Manager & General Manager, Future Shop – July 2001 to Apr. 2007

Lead a team to be operationally ranked in the top 5 of 100+ stores.


I took several Computer Science courses from Athabasca University in 2008 and came to the conclusion the technology industries, specifically web development, was moving too quickly for higher-education to keep pace. I made the decision to be a self-taught developer. Since then, what I’ve learned has been through hands-on experience and through peers and mentoring.


My experiences in several disciplines have led me to be more of a generalist than to be highly knowledgeable in one area. I’m quite comfortable in the domain of developers, writers, creative thinkers, marketers, and client interaction and communication.

I ensure accurate work, taking the time to get things right and I don’t settle for sloppy, subpar work.

I am logical and methodical, doing in-depth analysis to point out problems and flaws before charging ahead.

I’m organized, punctual, work well individually or in a team, and enjoy working in an ordered environment where collaboration and diversity of thought are encouraged.

Skill set

UX design
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, some testing
Project management and strategy
Business process development and iteration
Financial reporting and bookkeeping
Client experience improvement
Usability testing


Rocky Walls @ 12 Stars Media
Jeremy Williams @ Katz, Sapper & Miller
Alison Hofstede @ Church of Christ